Pearl Harbor Casualties

In Memory of the Fallen - December 7, 1941

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A total of 50 people found.

NameRankBranchLocationHome*Service ID
Adams, Joseph KanehoaAge 50CivilianHonoluluHI        
Adams, John KalauwaeAge 18CivilianHonoluluHI        
Akana, James LumCivilianBarbers PointHI        
Akina, August Age 37CivilianHickam FieldHI        
Arakaki, Nancy MasakoAge 8CivilianHonoluluHI        
Carreira, John Age 51CivilianHickam FieldHI        
Chong, Patrick KahamokupuniAge 30CivilianHonoluluHI        
Eldred, Philip WardAge 36CivilianHickam FieldHI        
Faufata, Matilda KalikoAge 12CivilianHonoluluHI        
Foster, Rowena KamohaulaniAge 3CivilianPearl CityHI        
Gonsalves, Emma Age 34CivilianHonoluluHI        
Harada, Ai Age 54CivilianHonoluluHI        
Hatate, Kisa Age 41CivilianHonoluluHI        
Higa, Fred MasayoshiAge 21CivilianHonoluluHI        
Hirasaki, Jackie YonetoAge 8CivilianHonoluluHI        
Hirasaki, Shirley KinueAge 2CivilianHonoluluHI        
Hirasaki, Robert YoshitoAge 3CivilianHonoluluHI        
Hirasaki, Jitsuo Age 48CivilianHonoluluHI        
Hookano, Kamiko Age 35CivilianMCAS Kaneohe BayHI        
Inamine, Paul S.Age 19CivilianHonoluluHI        
Izumi, Robert SeikoAge 25CivilianHonoluluHI        
Kahookele, David Age 23CivilianHonoluluHI        
Kim, Chip SoonAge 66CivilianWahiawaHI        
Kimura, Tomaso Age 19CivilianWaipahuHI        
Kondo, Edward KoichiAge 19CivilianHonoluluHI        
LaVerne, Daniel Age 25CivilianRed HillHI        
Lee, Isaac WilliamAge 21CivilianMCAS Kaneohe BayHI        
Loo, Tai ChungAge 19CivilianPearl HarborHI        
Lopes, Peter SouzaAge 33CivilianHonoluluHI        
Macy, Thomas SamuelAge 59CivilianHickam FieldHI        
Manganelli, George JayAge 14CivilianHonoluluHI        
McCabe, Joseph Sr.Age 43CivilianHonoluluHI        
Nagamine, Masayoshi Age 27CivilianHonoluluHI        
Oda, Yaeko LillianAge 6CivilianEwaHI        
Ohashi, Frank Age 29CivilianHonoluluHI        
Ohta, Hayako Age 19CivilianHonoluluHI        
Ohta, Janet YumikoAge 3 monthsCivilianHonoluluHI        
Ohta, Kiyoko Age 21CivilianHonoluluHI        
Ornellas, Barbara JuneAge 8CivilianHonoluluHI        
Ornellas, Gertrude Age 16CivilianHonoluluHI        
Pang, Harry Tuck LeeAge 30CivilianHickam FieldHI        
Rahel, Virgil P.CivilianHickam FieldHI        
Soma, Richard MasaruAge 22CivilianWahiawaHI        
Tacderan, Francisco Age 34CivilianEwaHI        
Takefuji, James TakaoAge 20CivilianHonoluluHI        
Tokusato, Yoshio Age 19CivilianHonoluluHI        
Tyce, Robert H.Age 38CivilianJohn Rodgers AirHI        
Uyeno, Hisao Age 20CivilianHonoluluHI        
White, Alice Age 42CivilianHonoluluHI        
Wilson, Eunice Age 7 monthsCivilianHonoluluHI        

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